Are we approaching the age of unemployment?

Some say that in order to fulfill humanity’s entire needs in the future, only 30% of the population will need to work. The other week Joao Gomes, professor of finance at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, published an article […]


Redefining community

The last few years have been revolutionary in terms of our perception of community. Back in the old days, community was the neighborhood we lived in. It was our local coffee shop, our local diner, our local newspaper stand, our […]

Net neutrality

What pot legalization tells us about the importance of net neutrality

Pot legalization is making significant headlines lately with both Senator Harry Reid and President Barack Obama making positive comments about it. As the documentary we are working on demonstrates, a major part of what helped the movement organize, be heard […]

Ignite the Debate

The lesson we learned from making ‘Legalize It’

Exciting moments of change are always good news for everyone who cares about the relevant issue, and to the documentary filmmaker who’s following this issue. A moment like that just rocked the pot legalization movement in California and it is […]

Marijuana leaves

Pot and the age of tolerance

Less than two weeks ago was historical for the marijuana legalization movement, as demonstrated by the many front page stories as this one on NBC News: DOJ’s blessing of states’ pot laws ‘the beginning of the end of marijuana prohibition’. After […]

Geffen Moca Urs Fischer exhibit

Open source art: Letting go of your ego

Last week we saw one of the greatest art exhibits we have ever seen in our lives: Urs Fischer – YES, 2013. We don’t make it to downtown L.A. as often as we would like to and rarely go to the […]

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