Short Term 12

‘Short Term 12’: A genuine back to school special

This is that time of year when parents get wistful about the end of summer and sending their kids back to school. This rite of passage makes us realize how fleeting, fragile and precious those awkward years of constant growth […]

Fruitvale Station

‘Fruitvale Station’: So prescient, so profound

So many emotions swirl around the jury’s verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. I have read so many editorial opinions and blog posts in an effort to understand it all. The confluence of race, politics, and (in)justice make Trayvon Martin’s […]


“This Is Water”

Graduation season is upon us. Colleges and universities are conferring degrees. High school students are eager to move their tassels. Even my 8th and 5th graders will march in ceremonies that promote them to the next level. It borders on […]


Remembering Roger

On the occasion of Roger Ebert’s funeral, I pause to offer an appreciation. My movie love preceded Siskel & Ebert at the Movies, but not by much. For my generation of film fans, they were the key critics at the right […]


Power down to recharge with the National Day of Unplugging

For a class experiment at Pepperdine University, I have our communication and media majors unplug for a day.  No electronic devices allowed.  They are fine with giving up email or laptops, maybe even the car stereo, but the thought of […]


Mystery and wonder in “Searching for Sugar Man”

How could an artist of such originality and vision as Vincent Van Gogh sell almost no paintings in his lifetime?  Groundbreaking television series like The Wire struggled to find an audience during its initial run.  Searching for Sugar Man tackles […]

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