the pope

Pope Francis: Papal Popstar

I always find it funny when friends come to visit me in Los Angeles that they want to go to places where they can see “stars.” Admittedly, I am perhaps a little jaded having lived here for close to 20 […]

Breast cancer

The breast is yet to come

I always fantasized about having a celebrity makeover: Hair, makeup, body, clothes. I wondered what it would be like to have my own team of miracle workers looking at every detail and helping me to achieve physical perfection. But I […]

Jewtopia cast

Finding ‘Jewtopia’

I sat somewhere between anxious and bored in my seat, picking at the polyester threads as they unraveled from the sleeve of my robe. One after one, my classmates were called to the bimah, and in the same sing-song cadence […]