Letter to younger Becky

Hollywood advice for the younger me

Dear Younger Becky, Life isn’t always fair. You have just turned 15 ½ and you’ve lost feeling in your lower legs. You have spinal cord compression. Lower back surgery is absolutely necessary. I know you think that this is the […]


How “Game of Thrones” changed the little people

It has always been my passion to alter perceptions of how little people are portrayed in the media, which ultimately influences societal reactions. One evening, my former roommate Mikey Post, who happens to be a little person actor, and I […]


A conversation with Colin Farrell

As an assistant in Hollywood, the workday never seems to end much earlier than 7:00 PM. Assistants are usually confirming or setting up meetings, rolling or receiving calls on behalf of their bosses until the very last minute of the […]


Enabling the disabled

Did you know that the population of disabled Americans is reaching 25% with returning war veterans? Unfortunately, the entertainment industry hasn’t quite caught up with these figures. Less than one percent, which is six characters, of network regulars are disabled. […]