Ashley's top 2014 albums

Top 5 albums of 2014

Working in radio requires me to be up to date with all things music. While I do social media, the majority of my job (and my passion) is based on album releases, leaked tracks, artist collaborations and more. My every […]

New York

California girl crashes New York’s biggest summer concert

A couple months ago I mentioned to my bosses that I would love the opportunity to go to New York one day and help our hip hop sister station, Hot 97, with their signature show “Summer Jam”. They immediately set […]


Do it with passion or don’t do it at all

“Do it with passion or don’t do it at all” — this isn’t just a quote meme on Instagram, this is something that speaks to me every single day in every way possible. Do you ever sit back after a […]


My encounter with Jennifer Lopez: Don’t believe every word you hear

When I was growing up I looked at Hollywood and celebrities as these alien-like, untouchable creatures who could do anything they want and get away with it. You know, those scary dinosaur type of people who can fire you for […]