Peace, love and Hollywood

There’s a shift that occurs in someone’s life when they stop wanting to be a walking party and start thinking about what really makes them happy. I was lucky; I made that transition very young. But, Hollywood has a way […]


Ugly crybaby

Growing up, I always thought I was strong because, through everything I went through, I rarely, if ever, cried. I saw crying as a weakness and so did most people I knew. In the unlikely event I did cry, I […]


Fear and the power of swinging

The other day, I was at the park with my family. The kids were having a blast on these twenty-foot tall swings. It looked like so much fun, that I desperately needed to get on one too. As I walked […]


Beyond Beyoncé…and other human beings

The other day, I was sitting in the studio with one of my producers, Donald “XL” Robertson, and we were going over the final (turned out to be not-so-final) mixes of a double EP I was releasing. I shrunk behind […]


Ego-stroking for your children’s sake

I have been singing since before I can remember; professionally, since I was five. I’ve been on hiatus from that lifestyle for quite a few years now to start my life and a family. So, naturally, anytime anyone I come […]

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