How to clean up your life one mess at a time

Boy, oh boy… 2015 has started off with a lot of bangs! At the end of last year, my husband and I decided to fly by the seat of our pants and buy the house of our dreams (and by […]

Just being honest

Well, I’m just being honest

I love where our culture is heading as far as embracing our individuality. Conversations are more exciting, people are more interesting, and it’s nice to not always feel judgment when admitting to quirky interests. The whole “be yourself no matter […]


Knowing when to push… and when to be patient

I’d consider myself a very patient person. I’m usually ok waiting for things I want, I let my kids make and fix mistakes to learn from them, I don’t hang up when I’m put on hold, etc. But when does […]


Life or death dilemma

Unfortunately, lately, I’ve been asked to sing at a few funerals. I don’t really like to do it, but I always feel a little obligated to do so. After all, they are in mourning and I may enhance a terrible […]

Velvet curtain

Do you feel alone in your creativity?

Artists are weird. I am weird. Sometimes, I laugh out loud at the conversations going on in my head. We see things from an angle where no one else has ever stood. In many ways, we are lone wolves fighting […]


What are you dreaming about?

My kids are always telling me they had a bad dream when they’re clearly awake. At first I thought, “Oh, how adorable. They don’t know the difference between a dream and a thought.” But then I got to thinking: If […]

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