Dear White People

‘Dear White People,’ thanks for everything

I drove into work nervous, but determined. It was early March of 2013 and the previous night, I had experienced a revelation. It was time to quit my job and make my dreams a priority. That morning, I was going […]


I’m coming out

Every person should aspire to be his or her most authentic self. To me, that is the ultimate goal for living a healthy, happy life. However, in order to do so, we must be honest with ourselves about who we […]


Hey power trip, sit down!

Sometimes writing can be a total pain.  I will bravely set out to fill up a page with formulated ideas and the clearest of intentions.  And then I’m pounding out sentence after sentence, only to watch as I backspace all […]


Quiet the Charlize in you

It’s no lie that there are great perks to being an entertainment executive.  You get to see films and TV shows before they make it to the general public.  You get to meet famous people and even sometimes become friendly […]