Jonathan Silverman

Meeting Silverman

If Ireland is the Land of a Thousand Welcomes, then Los Angeles is definitely the Town of a Million Phone Calls. As the recipient/subject of some of said calls, I can say that despite their penchant for the chewing up and, […]

TV camera and theater

Acting out

Historically, there were four professions considered vocational: law, medicine, clerical and theatre. Yes, theatre. Specifically acting. Why? Because there is no way under the sun one would choose such a life if one were not ‘called’ to do so. This […]

Celtic Stronghold Dundalk

When realities collide

My name is Alan Smyth. I have been an actor for 22 years. I am currently writing this piece in my hometown called Dundalk, Ireland. Apart from sounding like a support group intro, these are the salient pieces of info […]