Hanging with John 5 & The Creatures

Schedules finally fell into place that allowed me the opportunity to see John 5 & The Creatures, as well as world-class drummer Rodger Carter, play in an exciting instrumental project. They played their fourth show of their current Careful With That […]


‘Slumville Sunrise’

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it can’t come soon enough. Maybe I’ve been caught up in the wake of all the horrific worldwide weather, but I’m in a bit of a funk lately and I am working hard […]

Lou Reed

Lou Reed love letters

Writing about Lou, you want to do him justice. You want to get it right. The only way to do that is to write from your gut and heart. Like Lou. But way less good. My first thought after hearing […]


#GirlPower UK Invasion – AJTV 06

For the next episode of AJTV, we travel across the Atlantic Ocean to find three young ladies all singing from their hearts and pouring their souls into their songwriting. The music of all three of these gals hail from the […]

soul call album covers

10 albums worth the fall

Fall is upon us and with three more months to go until the year’s end, and many heavily anticipated albums still to be released, I offer more highlights of the year’s soul-filled best in music. The following records are all […]

3 indie rock albums

Indie Rock, ‘My Kind Of Woman’ – AJTV 05

If you’re reading this, then know I love you. TMI? Well, it’s because hunting for videos for AJTV is like going into a cigarette smoke-filled dark night club searching for your significant other – no matter what happens, you’re going […]

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