J train

Dear Diary, my life officially begins today

My first Hollywood job was not actually in Hollywood, but in New York. I was in college; a freshman whose cubicle-sized dorm was covered in wall-to-wall photographs of old movie stars. With black-and-white images of Dietrich, Crawford, Harlow and their […]

2013 music in haiku

2013′s best music in haiku

As the year comes to a close, countless words will be written about the year’s best records. In an effort not to add to the glut of words, I offer one haiku to each of my ten favorite albums of […]

Dallas Buyers Club

Save me, straight man: My beef with ‘Dallas Buyers Club’

I don’t stay up past nine o’clock very often these days (I’m on toddler time), but I made an exception to attend a screening of Dallas Buyers Club. This is among the movies I had been most excited about seeing […]