About us

What is Hollywood Journal?

Hollywood Journal is an online community and public forum of stories about the positive influence of entertainment to inspire us, to transform our lives, and to impact our society. It shines a light on the true soul of the industry by exploring the deeper side of Hollywood through the words, photos and videos of story creators of all sorts. There’s so much more than paparazzi, fancy parties and enormous mansions, and we’re here to expose you to the heart and “soul of the biz” from the people who are working in every aspect of Hollywood.

Who are the story creators/contributors?

They are an extremely talented group of writers, directors, actors, musicians, artists, authors, producers, gamers – and others in the industry.They work on the front line and want to share with you their insights and experiences that have shaped their works and their lives. Their stories are informative, spiritual and funny — while, of course, always reminding us of the “soul of the biz.”

Do I need to work in Hollywood
to enjoy this site?

Not at all.
As we know, the art of storytelling is the great connector of humankind, as we are all storytellers of varying degrees on this journey called life. Our contributors are some of the most talented individuals in the industry today – but – as easily as their stories relate to Hollywood, they also relate to life.

Will I find gossip and
industry news here?

Not really.
But that’s the point of the site.
We’ll leave the wheelings and dealings of the film, TV and music business to the other Hollywood driven websites. At Hollywood Journal, we explore how creativity, imagination, emotion and spirituality are inextricably linked, through engaging essays.

How do I contribute?

Sharing is caring. When you connect with a story — share it on Facebook or Twitter.
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If you have a story that you’d like to share, we’re always happy to listen.
Visit our contact page and tell us a little about yourself, and your story.

I have a website and I think your stories
would be a perfect match.

We are flattered. Thank you.
We love partnerships and welcome such inquiries.
Visit our contact page and tell us more.

We believe…

…the true power of Hollywood is not fame or money, box office or celebrity, but its ability to frame our perception of life, to sharpen our empathy, to broaden our understanding, to bend our hearts, tickle our funny bone and open our minds.

We’re happy you’re here.